Adding Space to Your Small Home

Written by Admin on March 22nd, 2011

Small homes are great they are cozy and require less maintenance than larger homes. Often times a small home in an expensive neighborhood has the greatest value per square-foot. As time goes on your small home may become a bit crowded. Families have children or maybe an elderly parent needs to move in and that small cozy home becomes a tiny cluttered mess.

Here are some things that may help you get the most out of your small home. Take a good look around trying to find space that is not being utilized. Most homes have some space the builder seemed to overlook. Look for unused corners that you can put corner shelving in. Also your bed utilizes a lot of floor space if you’re not using the space underneath your bed you’ve lost a lot of extra storage space. One of the best ways to utilize the space is with a product called a steel mattress foundation. Steel mattress foundation add space underneath your mattress by eliminating the box spring and raising up the empty space that was once occupied by the box spring giving you approximately 14 inches of vertical space under your bed. another great way to increase the space of your home is to build a shed in the backyard. If you’re handy with tools all you need is some good shed building plans and you’re on your way to a custom storage space while saving money at the same time. If your home is a one-story home check your attic space sometimes will find ample space above the rafters to store some of the things that clutter your home. Almost all homes have at least some kind of closet space. whether you have a walk-in closet or just a small closet a good closet organizer can help you make the best of little space you have. You will find closet organizers at most do-it-yourself centers. Just make sure that you have measured your closet and figured out the best plan to utilize your space wisely.

So don’t stress out. Once you find the space that tiny cluttered mess will become that cozy little home once again.